My fascination, and some would say obsession with all things films began at an ealry age, when allowed to stay up late and watch  the incredible films coming out in the late 70's and 80's, such as Deliverance, The Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, Darklands, and Don't Look Now, to name just a very few. They inspired me hugely, and this is when I began to write.


From there my involvement has grown to include the directing and producing of several short films, and a variety of roles on recent Australian feature films and television, having moved here from the UK. These range from Producing on  the the TV series Dare I Ask, to the AD Department on Red Dog, Script Editor, Location Scout, and even the briefest of appearences on camera for the recent Stephan Elliott film A Few Best Men, all to experience the widest range of work and skills I could before embarking on my own projects.


Now I am combining this experience with my years of working in corporate sales & marketing positions to produce my own projects in combnation with some of the best creative talent in Australia, and around the world.

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